85 years

Photograph By: Carrie, Original photograph taken in 1948, my grandparents washing their car.

The day you were born
Eighty-five years ago everything
In this world turned
A little sweeter, your soul
Smiled as you took
Your first breaths spreading love
Along your life path
Your gorgeous big brown eyes, beacons
To your soul, bright yet soft
Kind, offering anyone lucky enough
To look inside to see
Everything, your life full
Love, hard times
Adventures, four children
Many houses, sometimes wondering
Where the next meal was going to come from
You endured, continued to love
Worked so hard so everyone
Your family would have enough

Your oldest child
Your lovely daughter, moved away
Married and had two daughters
You showered these girls with sweetness
Love, they have always known
Your kindest heart, your warm hugs
Your soft deep eyes
The home cooked meals
Your ridiculously good potato salad
I can’t even count
How many pies you have made
More than 500 is my estimate
To celebrate
Your birthday, your eight-five years
Is a testament to how many
Lives you have touched

I love you grandma, whether I am
Near or far, your eyes
My favorite stars, home
Love, warmth, familiar
Happy birthday, enjoy the celebration
Soak in the love and affection
It is all for you, for all you give
Now it is time for you receive


  1. Love this Carrie, you write from your heart and soul and its so wonderful! I loved seeing you and being there to celebrate such a special birthday with your Sweet Grandma! ❤

    1. Thank you Carletta, It really was a special celebration. It really is hard for me to write any other way. I think that is why it is so rewarding 🙂 My heart has a voice that I love to share. Thank you for reading. Giving you a hug was a real treat.

  2. What a touching tribute to your grandmother! I never had grandparents on either side. I never knew what it was like to hear their old stories of childhood.

    1. Thank you Beth, I feel very fortunate to have had all four of my grandparents for a large chunk of my life. My grandmother is the last one still here. She is quite a lady and so full of love. I love listening to her talk about the past. She is a great story teller!

  3. So sweet Carrie! How special it is for her to have you as a granddaughter. Reading this brought tears of happiness to my eyes. Happy Birthday to your grandmother!

    1. Thank you Kim 🙂 I realized something really special while celebrating with her. She is full of love and a beautiful example for me. She reminds me that in the face of anything, love feels best.

    1. YES! May that be true. Her mother was adored by my mother’s generation, my grandmother is adored by my generation…there is hope for the next and beyond 🙂

  4. Carrie,
    Your mom sent me this link. What a wonderful tribute to your grandma, my aunt, celebrating her 85th birthday!

    1. Hi Jim,
      She told me she sent it to you. Happy to hear you enjoyed it. I can’t get enough of this photograph for some reason. I love it. Great to talk with you at her party, thank you for helping make it a memorable day for her. She was overwhelmed with everyone’s sentiments and hugs.

  5. Such a touching tribute to someone who so obviously means so much to you. It seems as though you are as lucky as I was to have amazing grandparents. My grandparents meant more than anything to me and I miss them every single day. I try to live my life as they did, creating a warm and caring household with my wife. I have so many incredible memories of them, and wish that everyone had the same opportunity with their grandparents as I did. Sounds like you may have also.

    1. Yes, Shane, I think there is a lot of luck involved. I did/do have remarkable grandparents. This grandmother I just celebrated with is the last one still here. My other grandparents are with me in spirit, each offering their own love and gifts to me alive and afar. I too, learned a lot about how to love, build a family, celebrate the everyday from my grandparents. I know I make the choices on how I am raising my boys due in part to how I was brought up and loved. It is such a gift, unconditional love. I was reminded again, so simply, while with my grandmother celebrating, that she chooses love in most every moment of her day, it is an incredible thing to see. She so easily, moves into love, in the face of her husband (my grandfather passed away when I was 9) and his deteriorating mind, her bodies aches and pains, all the burdens she holds. She is a sweet adored women, I am lucky to have known and learned from her so long. It was a treat to pamper and cook for her!

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