A Break

Photo By: Carrie

Summer break has officially begun. My blog will be on a summer schedule too. There is too much going on…kids all home 24/7, husband in the field for 4 straight weeks, selling/packing up our house while my husband is away, moving 631 miles North next month. It is enough to make my head spin, but I am happy about it all too.

I just can’t feel guilty (and I do that to myself if I am not careful) about posting during all that is happening around me. Of course, I will need to write, need to express myself, need to share photographs. That is what this place is for! It is here when I need it. And I will continue to post when I can, but not as often.

So, if you don’t hear from me for a while it is because I am hip deep in boxes and packing materials trying to keep my boys from using the newly packed boxes as their latest fort. Trying is the operative word here. But, I will be consistently back as the summer nights turn cooler and dusk comes earlier. Writing from an inspiring place ready to explore and share it with you.

I am really looking forward to this move, it is just a huge process to get moving. I can feel the momentum gaining, thankfully. Onward.



    1. Thank you Miriam! I do too. It is always such a wild thing to try to sell a house. The market is good here, I am hopeful. AND so excited for this new adventure. We have wanted it for years!

    1. Thank you Janet, I really look forward to writing and sharing all about it when I can. I will be here, posting from time to time in the next many weeks but not everyday 🙂 Oh and just so you know, you were my 1000th like on this blog, since I started. Wish I had more to give than a hearty THANK YOU. I really appreciate your support and encouragement and LOVE your stories!

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of change all at once, where are you guys moving too? I will be thinking of you and pray God gives you the strength you need everyday while you are preparing to move and hopeful your house will sell quickly to just the right family! Big hugs to you Carrie ❤

    1. Thanks Careltta, it is a lot of big changes. All for a new beginning which I have wanted for along time. I will see you this Sunday, right? Looking forward to connecting and sharing a hug!

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