Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

Photo By: Carrie

I walked out of my house this morning with the firm intention of capturing a bustling local café on a Sunday morning. The café is a locally famous landmark and Sunday’s are notorious for triple parked cars, people walking in the middle of the busy street and all walks of life enjoying what this little café has to offer. Decent food and plenty of a “how things used to be” feel.

I thought for sure, it would be my entry. I promised Shane Francescut (well before he became so famous as to host a WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge) a photograph, well really many photographs, of my unique neighborhood. While there are two images from my beautifully interesting neighborhood in this post, I still must fully document where I live and will soon enough.

As I found a few minutes to walk down from my home along the hidden neighborhood trail to the café, four houses down, a neighbor was moving out. And, in a split-second it happened, I found my Weekly Photo Challenge entry.

There is so much going on in this photograph, the beautiful mountain retreat of a home, the full trash cans with boxes on top, the For Sale sign that has stood in that spot for a year still standing strong, the tiny moving truck that ended up taking at least 10 trips down the hill to a larger, full-sized moving truck. You can’t drive large trucks in our canyon, the roads are too narrow. It was all packaged so neatly in this shot and tells. what I think is, a very interesting story.

When I eventually made it down to the café, the cars were only single parked. Inside, the café was bustling, I could hear the squeaking tennis shoes from the waitresses moving from table to table as I walked past the door. Local canyon dwellers must have all decided to eat breakfast at the same time.

I waited for a bit from across the road and watched a perfect stranger start-up an instant conversation with a couple while petting their dog. It is Mary’s Market and Cafe after all, strangers are instant friends, the coffee is always on and inside you are meaningfully transported to a different era, where folks sitting next to one another make eye contact and play heated games of cribbage while enjoying their breakfast and third cup of coffee.

Photo By: Carrie

**Please check out other photographers ideas of “single shot stories” HERE.



    1. Yes, the moving theme is on my mind too! At this moment packing up all hanging things on walls with my boys. It is fun and nostalgic all at the same time.
      Now I must document this neighborhood, since we are leaving it behind…
      Moving to a far more vast and incredible place. Redwoods and open coast line. I am really excited.

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