Arcata Community Forest

Photo By: Carrie

I am not the first to take photographs of these incredible 800 protected acres. I am not the first to marvel at the will of a community, to protect their own backyard.

Photo By: Carrie

These loved trees are easily embraced, allowed to just be. There are well maintained trails and wooden bridges, kid trails veering off uphill towards any number of play spots.

Photo By: Carrie

Moss and ferns lush and happy.

Photo By: Carrie

With each damp breath you notice the quietness of your steps and the light. Oh the light, streaming through the canopy, touching fern tips and spotlighting details in the bark and stumps.

Photo By: Carrie

It is a wonder, time stands perfectly still if you let it.


      1. Hi Beth! This was my first trip to this incredible forest. It is well used, by the community that surrounds it. I am sure there are creatures who call it home too. I heard many birds while we wandered around. We may be moving to this town this summer. If so, I am sure I will look to capture every aspect of this forest. It is such an inspiring place.

    1. 🙂 yep. My favorite is the second one too. It sums up the beauty and greatness of this forest in one image. Light, beauty, details, green, tall trees and oh so hidden. That redwood stump is so huge. Both of my boys climbed inside and decided it was their jacuzzi! There was plenty of room for our whole family. This was a real highlight of our adventure up to Arcata. What a place!

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