Photo By: Carrie

The wonder of a boy
Seeing a new path, look up

This great natural world, stopping
In his tracks, skidding

To a halt, questions brimming
Wondering away, asking

Listening, learning today
His eyes open his heart

Pumping in sync
With his other mother

The beautiful Earth, this moment
Passes quickly but not before

His body tenses with his breath
Then deeply unfolds, tonight

He will dream of great giants
Standing guard over this forest

Hidden from most, I am
So grateful to share these views

With him to marvel, together
At the grandness

Of the trees
And his dreams

**It is Monochrome Madness time again. I highly recommend checking out Leanne Cole and Laura Macky’s collaboration. Each week the collection of black and white images is wonderful.


    1. I am so happy you like this. I am sure it is making you excited for your trip in a couple months 🙂 I enjoyed writing this poem and I was so grateful to get an image that makes me so proud of my boy.

    1. Thank you for reading and appreciating my words. Yes, this was quite a moment. I am so glad I was in the right place ready to click. I love marveling at trees and my boys!

    1. There are so many, like this one, in this incredible forest. Stay tuned for tomorrows post. I am showcasing these trees in color 🙂

  1. Carrie, i love, love, love this poem, and the image is truly spectacular. Your angles and framimg are totally spot on. I would frame and hang this one if I were you 🙂

    This might be my favorite post from you. Absolutely stunning.

    1. I haven’t officially announced it yet, but we are moving in about 2 months, to this place. These trees are remarkable and I can’t wait to blow up this image and hang it in his room 🙂
      Thank you for enjoying it and your kind words. I really appreciate your thoughts and encouragement. This was quite a moment for our whole family, I am so happy I captured at least a glimpse of it.

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