Relax and rest
Weathered wooden back, into
Carve your body, unwind

This chair, sink deep
Into the molded space
Between your back and your legs, hands on

Arms rest, feet folded
And laid out, the creaks
Growing softer, you are

Stirring less, your back is warming
Melt into the details
The back rest tall enough

For real rest, your mind
Starts to wander to dream
To uncover, forgetting

For a moment, all the things
You make it remember, I don’t
How long are you planning on sitting

Do you even know, sit longer
The more comfort you feel, the smell
Of the bench, distinct and charming

Starts to rub its way
On to your clothes, how alarming
Will the others know

You took a moments rest, if they don’t
Smell it first, then yes
Surely most plainly

No hiding, what is already done
They see it
On your now soft, detailed face


    1. Hi Laura, it was from a local arboretum. They have an old train station as a historical museum. These benches were used in the late 1800’s to move prisoners. Those segments below the arm rests were for chaining the prisoners together! I couldn’t believe they hand carved these benches with such beauty for that purpose!

      1. That’s amazing! Nowadays it would be some ugly, uncomfortable metal bench. Really beautiful Carrie…thanks for sharing the info with me.

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