Monochrome Feathers

Photo By: Carrie

Today, strive

To take up the entire frame

Of your own life

Photo By: Carrie

Leanne Cole and Laura Mackey are hosting the Monochrome Madness Challenge again this week. The close up of this regal peacock’s tail feathers is my entry for this week. The images posted to this challenge every week are incredible. It is like taking a walk through a gorgeous gallery. Click HERE to view the other entries, including Leanne and Laura’s.

My husband reminded me (as nicely as he could) how ironic it is to take photographs of a peacock and it’s insanely gorgeous, vibrant colored, feathers and then turn those photographs into monochrome. Yes, it is rather unexpected I guess. So, here are the color and monochrome images together. They are each visually interesting in their own way, I think.

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  1. Gorgeous feathers Carrie! I love your pingbacks because I can go right to your post immediately when I’m responding to others in my post, lol. That is one amazing peacock! I love the entire image of it as well. I had never thought of doing a monochrome peacock and I love what you did with it. Awesome!

    1. Yes, you are rocket quick with this comment! 🙂

      He really was a very accommodating subject. For some reason when I saw the close up feathers image I immediately thought of the Monochrome Madness challenge. I do like the entire peacock image in monochrome better than the color image but the feathers is a serious toss up for me. Thank you for your speedy, kind comment!!

      1. I just got up, sat down to go through my notifications and there you were! I love both monochrome shots…very clever of you to use an unsuspecting subject like a peacock!

  2. Photographs to ponder, Carrie, and I found myself studying the monochrome shots longer than those in color, thought I went back and forth between the two several times. I also like the idea of trying to take up the entire frame of my life today. So much said in so few words.

    1. Thank you, Janet. I am so happy to hear that you are taking my words to heart today 🙂 At first, I when I wrote them down I really loved the simplicity and yet power in the action of “the entire frame”. Then, I started to think someone might read them and think I was saying to be selfish. Actually, it is just the opposite. Giving ourselves permission to see every part of ourselves, good and ugly, allows us to live consciously 🙂
      Thank you for pondering my words and images today. I really appreciate it. I am struck by the black and white images too! It is like the color takes away some of the incredible detail in the images. Nature is stunning.

  3. I have so enjoyed this monochrome peacock. I have never paid enough attention to their lush texture because I was so wrapped up with their color. It’s like being given a new sense. So lovely. Thanks you for posting this, Carrie

    1. Hi Shannon, Thank you for your kind response to my monochrome feathers! It is true, the color is mesmerizing, almost electric. For some reason I instantly saw this as a monochrome image. I felt so lucky that this peacock was at just the right height to get close enough to get these images. Great to hear from you 😉

    1. Thank you, Anyes. I totally agree. I was so struck with them when I turned the photograph into black and white. I looked at these feathers for a long time. It was like seeing them for the first time.

    1. Hello and welcome! I really appreciate your sentiments towards my photographs, it is such a fun way to enjoy what I see. I love participating in Monochrome Madness, it is such a cool challenge.

  4. Love these feathers in monochrome! Interesting how peacock feathers are actually beautiful in more ways than colour, but we would not usually notice. Nicely done new perspective on them.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. It is funny, I hand full intention of changing these images into monochrome. Never thought to look at them closely in color. I don’t know why? If I am honest, I didn’t think my point and shoot camera could capture the color like I would want it too. I knew that would be masked as a black and white image. But, when I saw them in color, it was beautiful in it’s own way too! Thanks for enjoying them too.

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