Photo By: My Husband

Tie mud soaked
Dirty shoelaces, willingly

Never flinching
Offer warm embraces, touch

Soft supple skin
With delicate fingers, hold

A heart when it is too heavy
For a child’s own hands, say “I love you”

With her eyes, surrender
Squirm and squeal, kick and cry, sit

With those big feelings sharing
There is nothing wrong, watch

Her baby fall asleep, she holds her breath
The day is done, wake up

Anytime in the night, may need
A hug, a meal, a child crying from fright

Give the food off her plate
Nighttime walks

Over a moonlit landscape, dance
Eyes closed arms spread, sharing

A smile, she sees that sweet brilliant glowing soul
She Holds it close

Until you are ready
And then, it is time

To let go


  1. Wonderful, Carrie. A poem beautifully shared in word and image and heart and soul. So many of us mothers can relate. I love the photo your husband took as well – talk about capturing the essence of motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day to you, my friend!

    1. Thank you, Gin. I am happy these words come across as you describe. As I am sure is true for most mothers, I have very few photographs with my boys. This is one of my very favorites.

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