Beautiful Blogs

Last Friday I was pleasantly surprised to find a comment in my “about” page from litadoolan offering me a blogger award “The Beautiful Blogger Award” and many kind sentiments towards this new blog of mine.

Lita is a beautiful writer and so kind in her comments. She really takes time to read, to think over the words she has read and then respond. I really appreciate her continual support of my words and photographs. She is a play-write at heart and beautifully weaves dialogue through her words seamlessly. Please go and see for yourselves, she is a gem of a writer.

To accept this award I must offer it to seven blogs. Here it is:

And here are my seven recipients I am passing this award to:

1. Gin Getz– Give yourself the gift and click on this link. Gin’s blog is thoughtful, inspiring, raw, humble and gorgeous. Her book is just as thought-provoking and lovely as her blog posts. She holds nothing back, she writes, she is.

2. Laura Macky– A very talented photographer who is friendly and accessible. Laura looks at her surroundings in an artistic way. Her photographs are really deep and gorgeous. She pushes her images to an artistic level too, which is fascinating to see how she interprets her images.

3. The Weekly Minute– I have decided that what I appreciate and marvel at with this blog is that Shane, the author/photographer, can see the good in those he passes on the streets everyday. His street photography is really incredible, he is able to capture folks in an exact moment of their day, without them knowing he is there. His architectural images are meaningful too, he provides history about what he is photographing and there is just an underlying care that he gives to his subjects, be it humans or buildings that I really appreciate.

4. Aunt Beulah– I miss my grandmother, she passed away almost 20 years ago. She told stories a lot about her sisters, growing up in North Dakota and she would read to me a lot as a girl too. For some reason, her voice is the voice I hear, when I read the posts from Janet. Janet’s Aunt was Aunt Beulah. I really appreciate the incredible storytelling qualities in Janet’s words. She writes with a witty sense of humor and warm heart, my kind of woman.

5. meticulousmick– Want to take an adventure? Check out Meticulous Mick (MM as he calls himself), His photographs are beyond stunning. He captures the big picture, huge landscapes beautifully and can also bring it down to the tiniest details, pulling you in with his photographic eye. He is also accessible, which is so cool for such a talented guy.

6. FATman Photos– Adrian is such a talent. His images make me rethink how I would take a photograph. He thinks about different angles that wouldn’t immediately come to me, close-ups when I would have zoomed out and he edits his images beautifully. He is remarkably easy to talk to and full of knowledge. I really enjoy his blog.

7. Writing for Myself– Miriam has a beautiful soul who is a gifted writer. She expresses herself in such a way, it is like she is looking inside my brain and making herself at home. She lives her life wholeheartedly, I really respect that.

So, go, explore, enjoy, learn and appreciate some hopefully new to you, blogging talent. I look forward to each of these bloggers posts every time I see them in my Reader.

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Congrats Carrie on the award! You are so deserving of it, and I am so glad we’ve come to know each other through our blogs.

    Thank you also for such a wonderful write-up, and for including me in this extremely talented group. I also look forward to seeing their posts in my reader each day.

    1. Yes Shane, you are very welcome. And, I too am grateful to have met you through blogging. What are the chances that your comment, just one above me a week or so after starting this blog, on the Weekly Photo Challenge would open up so many creative doors. I have found Leanne Cole, Laura Mackey, FATman Photos, Meticulousmick and the list goes on and on. All from your initial connection. it is such a great woven web.
      Of course I must also point out, you are totally deserving and in the right company. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you Laura. You are welcome! I totally understand your stance on awards. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate and enjoy your work πŸ™‚

  2. Carrie, thank you so, so much for just thinking of me, let alone nominating me. It is really appreciated and I enjoy your support and your very kind words above. At the start of the year I had to make the decision to no longer accept awards as they were taking up too much of my time. I trust that you can respect this and that while I truly thank you for the nomination this will not proceed further. Have a great day, MM πŸ€

    1. Hi MM, I do, totally understand. This is my first blogger award with this rather new blog. I wanted to use this opportunity to thank and acknowledge a few of the bloggers that I really respect and look forward to seeing their work often.
      Thank you for the congratulations and continued support as well, it means a lot πŸ™‚

  3. Congratulations well deserved and earned for you, my dear Carrie! Beautiful blogger indeed!

    I thank you sincerely for thinking of me and sharing your victory! Finally sitting down (quick, ready to run back out) to catch up for the week and I wrote this in response: You are so kind, Carrie, thank you. I feel I am the worlds worst blogger, so eager to run away from my computer and go outside that it takes me a week to respond and even longer to look into the words and images of those I care for, like yourself. I’m glad you know to just write me directly any time you need me. I hope to never let you down that way.

    1. You are welcome, for being thought of, and thank you for the sweet congratulations! It feels great to share this award with you. I so appreciate your support and kindness. Enjoy your outside view today!

  4. Bravo on producing this engaging, entertaining and elegant blog! I am so grateful for your kind words πŸ˜‰ Your nominations are exciting places to visit, thanks for introducing me to great new places to check out. I have already explored their unique voices. Hurrah for your writing Carrie, it brings me a lot of joy to read. So glad to have discovered your work and I am looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    1. Lita πŸ™‚ I am blushing. Your words are so kind and supportive. Thank you. I love that you enjoy my words and photographs and find them entertaining! Thank you Thank you.
      I am also happy that you have found (hopefully) a few new bloggers to appreciate and enjoy. This group of bloggers are really great people and full of talent. I learn so much from each one.

      1. Nodding in agreement, you have gathered a list full of talented writers. It’s great to be in touch on WP. Hope you are enjoying this super Spring weather. Here’s to happy blogging πŸ˜€

  5. Hi I am Annie and I live in Australia…I am new to blogging and feel a little out of my depth with it, I absolutely love reading other peoples blogs though. I adore Aunty Beulah, especially because my middle name is Beulah….it is via Aunty Beulah I discovered The Shady Tree and just those 3 little words sounded so inviting. I am not at all surprised you have been chosen for The Beautiful Blogger award…I am an instant fan and will keep checking your site out as we say Down Under….Cheers from an Aussie fan

    1. Hello Annie, I am a huge fan of Aunt Beulah as well. Janet, is a true gem of a writer and I adore her. So happy to hear you have felt invited to my blog. I am happy to hear from you and hope you will return again soon. Thank you!

      1. I will certainly be a regular visitor to your blog Carrie…I can only hope that I can write my stories as well as you and Janet some day…I love to read true life stories about people, I find all sorts of emotions within their stories, inspiration, motivation, empathy, joy, compassion, fun, and many more, all of which we can all relate to. I will look forward to tuning into your blogs…Cheers from Annie from the Land Down Under…There is a fun Aussie song called Land Down Under sung by a band called Men At Work..check it out on YouTube🌞🌴🌊

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