Photo By: Carrie

There is something comforting
In the uncomfortable space between the known
Trail and its bend toward a new place.



  1. I wandered on your blog today, sipping coffee, studying photographs, reading, spending way more time than I intended to, but the beauty of your photographs and the insight of your words held me. The photograph of your son on the trail thrusting his hands in the sand epitomizes childhood and will stay with me.

    1. Janet, you are painting me a picture of your enjoyment of my words and photographs in such a sentimental way, I am so touched.
      Thank you for seeing that photo of my son exactly as it was intended. He does embrace his childhood in exactly that way, hands dug in, “in it” and surrounded by beauty. He is a lovely soul who reminds me hourly to slow down and breathe, its good for me.
      Enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you for the reblog Beth. It looks like your comment made it too!
      An interesting idea to ponder, fear is a common thread in everyone’s life, it is based (from what I have read) on a loss of control. Trying to control the “unknown” will always bring on great fear. Surrendering to the loss of control (the bend) can release the fear and open your heart to living in the moment, where ever that path takes you. This is my take on it anyway, how about yours?

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