Looking Closer

Photo By: Carrie

Photo By: Carrie

I find myself looking deeply into the tiny details of a given moment, I can easily get lost. I notice this happens when I have my camera near me as well. I don’t look at my surroundings in the same way. My thoughts go quiet, I actually hold my breath, I have no idea how much time has passed, how many photographs I have taken. Most of the time one or both of my sons have moved on, around a bend in the trail, it is almost always time to catch up when I finally look up.

There are good and bad things, as with most facets of ourselves, that come with looking and noticing the details.

Photo By: Carrie

Photo By: Carrie

I apologize for the lack of focus in this image. My son was hanging on my shoulder as I clicked away. We were on a hike together and he was wanting my direct attention so I only took this one photograph of this plant from far away. My intention in sharing this image is to showcase how hidden, small and insignificant these “weeds” are on the trail.

I happened to notice them because lately I have my eye out for black and white photographic opportunities. I thought this was a possible unique opportunity so I got down closer.

Photo By: Carrie

Photo By: Carrie

Just as I thought, there was beauty in the details

Photo By: Carrie

Photo By: Carrie


Photo By: Carrie

Photo By: Carrie

Inevitably when I was editing and processing this image I realized the small white puffs in the bottom right were distracting. So I cropped the image into a landscape as showcased at the top of this post.

I was so happy to see the stark contrast in the image once I turned it to monochrome. It was worthy, in my eyes, of Leanne Cole (I will add the link when the post is live, early afternoon) and Laura Macky’s Monochrome Madness challenge. Check out this week’s challenge entries here, there is always a stunning collection of monochrome images.


    1. Thank you Beth, what a compliment. I really can’t help myself when I am around flowers, especially tiny ones. I love to hear that what I see interests you πŸ™‚

  1. It’s really beautiful! It’s amazing how weeds can be beautiful! Thank you for submitting it to the MMC! By the way, how did you get this to show up in my notifications????

    1. Hi Laura, thank you, I am so pleased with how this turned out. I know, I am laughing that it is a scrappy weed. But, everything is beautiful if it is paid attention to enough.
      I just have a link to your Monochrome post this morning in my post. It “ping-back’s” to your post when I publish mine. I hope that is okay? I want my readers to know where your work is πŸ™‚

      1. Pardon me for being clueless on pinging back…but how do you link it? I’d like to do it too sometimes and someone asked me the other day but I hadn’t a clue! lol

      2. Oh yay! I can give something back. You teach me things all the time.

        When you are editing your post in the upper tool bar there are the linking tools. They look like linked chains. First, select the text you want to link, in your post. Second, click the linking chain without the line through it (that is the one to break the link if you want to undo). Third, a window will come up asking you for the link you are wanting to link up. In the top box, add the link you want. In this case I opened a new window and went to your blog, clicked on your post, copied the link to your direct post, not your blog and went back to my posting page and pasted it in the box.
        Fourth, select the box saying you want this link to open in a new window, I think it is easier for the reader this way.
        After you link it, when you publish your post a “ping-back” is generated at the same time. It will appear in the comments section of the links post, like it did with yours today. Any questions, feel free to ask, it is like magic πŸ™‚

      3. Oh thank you! I do something similar when I am creating a link to Leanne’s Blog for the MMC and I always post it in my blog text. But I always post her main blog link because the MMC will be first once she posts it. Thank you…I think I understand this a bit more now! I’ve saved your post so I can refer to it in the future. Thank you again!!! I really appreciate such a great explanation!

      4. sure Laura. Just remember if you want to generate a ping-back you have to use the direct link to the post not the overall blog link.
        In Leanne’s case, I am just waiting until I see the monochrome madness post live, then I will link it in my post πŸ™‚
        Happy to help!

      5. Yep, I see now that’s the difference. Thank you SO much for this. People would always use that word “pingback” and I just ignored it before lol.

  2. There is another universe in the tiny world that we don’t see nor pay attention if we don’t have a camera, I’m happy that I’ve discovered it. Your photos are gorgeous!

    1. I totally agree Elizabeth, thank you for your kind words. The wonders never cease! I read an article in Arizona Highways in the beginning of the year regarding capturing the essence of flowers. It changed how I take photographs in so many ways. I love flowers and have such a deeper appreciation for them the closer I get.

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