Moist Morning

Photo By: Carrie

Photo By: Carrie

The clouds soften
Everything, a morning mist
In my house
Banana muffins plumping
In the oven, moist
Breaths thick
Full, less tension
Everywhere, a drizzle filled moment
A gift
Well received, my heart
Springs into action, baking
Singing from my feet
Ready for boots, my boy
Ready for an adventure, off
Look at the clouds wandering
Slow, as they do
My worries release


    1. Hi Laura, thank you! I love raindrops hanging off beautiful things. I was so happy the sun came out at just the right time to add some highlights. This was taken off my front deck.

      1. 🙂 I wish my front deck didn’t have so many wires in the way. It is definitely not as photogenic as your back deck prior to your move or now. There are even some wires, if you look close at this photo, in the background. I do get a good photo opportunity once in a while from here. Especially when it rains.

      2. When you select something for content-aware fill….first, click on your wand or the whatever it’s called tool and change the feather to 3 px at the top, then select then edit>fill>content-aware Then you can spiff it up with clone stamp or blur tool. gotta run…xoxo

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