Photo By: Carrie

Who Who

Says the owl deep
Wide, through the bends
In the trees shadows
The darkening sky, her
Voice carries smoothly, reaching
Beyond her perch reminding
All the little wandering animals
In the forest, their home
She is listening, waiting

You You

Says the voice inside
Your heart only as loud
As the volume is
Turned up, mute
You easily understand what
Feeling alone
Having no voice
No true words, spark
No particular plan, dream

Oh sweet girl you are not
Alone in this world, your voice
Echoes into your wildest
Dreams, no need to whisper
Wonder if you are, everything
As you were, are
It doesn’t matter where
You have been, now
Said what might have been, okay

Me Me

Says the wounded parts
Doing their best to protect
From everything they don’t ask, first
A voice full of fists, soften
No rest, love


Tries it’s call, only
Mouthing the words
At first, then finally sound
Starts to bubble up and you
Can’t keep it in, more
You speak louder, louder
Your color vibrant, brilliant
Wonder returns with a plan
You can stand, you are on your toes
Smiling, there are goosebumps
Floating down
Your arms, you are alive

You are well, you will
Fresh and charming, that wise owl
Swoops down from her perch
With a wondrous flutter of wings
And feathers, she nods
To the girl, you nod
Back, knowing
Your hand pressed, softly
To your beating heart
The owl is leaving
And won’t be

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