Expectations Weight

Photo By: Carrie

Photo By: Carrie

** This post is in response to this week’s writing challenge: As you may expect, this week’s writing challenge is about expectations: the expectations you set for yourself, or the expectations you set in your writing. You can find more expectations HERE

My arms stretched
Out, I am carrying more
Than I can, I can
Honestly look at
My arms and see
They are full of expectations each one
Weighing a ton, they never
Ask if I am alright, wonder
If their load is too much, each one
Just sits on top
The next, finding its place, crowds
Into the space and soon
Another wanders on, settles in
I can see there is no way to release
Just one, more
Instead you have to heave
All at once into the unknown
Be careful, they are tricky
They don’t like to get thrown away, they want
To stick to you, they cling
Say I am sorry, offer anything
And hope that you will continue
To play, keep them lifted
Put them in front of your heart
Intentions, give them purpose, honor
Their virtue, only question
If you have enough expectations, never lower
Why would you, that defeats the purpose
Of standing firm, not settling
Working hard, to the bone
Don’t give in, say no
Expectations dress themselves up in honor
Work ethic
Your future, something
To get up for
In the morning, dreams
Hope, everything dependable
But I am realizing instead
They dress up for a reason
They wouldn’t make it
On their own, colorful attempts
Reminding me I could be more
If I just tried harder, I am
Over this misguided ideal, I am
Tired enough without this load
To bear, I accept me, just me
Not what I might be
If I expect, just
A little more



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