Lingering reality

Photo By: Carrie

Photo By: Carrie

Can’t sit
Still fingers
Antsy, must search
Endlessly or else

To know
I care about

Something, my future
My home, world affairs
Friends, others beautiful words
Learning the ropes

As a mom, hear
The clicks, they calm
My heart, make me stop
Listen, unfortunately not

To nature, birds
My boys, my inner voice
Instead my ears hear
My fingers clicking

Jump start something
Dreams, wonder
Another world, what
May have been once

With less bills, more
Free time in color
A full night
Sleep, time to enjoy

A glass of wine, but
There is something more
Lingers as does the clicking
Chimes away, in a trance

A humming critical look
Untouchable place, not
My world, not right
Now, not anyone’s reality

It is all glossed over, a snapshot
A moment already passed
By my eyes, dry
Glossing over my words

Disappearing my thoughts
Clouding over, never
Knowing what is real
What is fear, taking

Time to think, all
This, anything more
An empty bowl of “reality”
Can I offer you some more?

**Each Tuesday, well at least the past seven or so, I have participated in the Monochrome Madness challenge offered on Leanne Cole’s blog. Laura Macky is also involved in the challenge. During the week I keep an eye out for an interesting subject to photograph and watch as it transforms into monochrome (black and white) through photo-paint. It is such a fun challenge. Leanne lives in Australia so her posts don’t appear until the early afternoon due to the time change. There is always an incredible collection of monochrome images, it is worth waiting and taking a look.

I, as I think all photographers do, have a deep connection to my photographs. Sometimes I write a short story or poem before taking an image but usually it is the other way around. My photographs inspire my words. In the case of the above poem I wrote the poem a couple of weeks ago and didn’t feel I had taken the complimenting photograph until I caught this freshly budding sapling glowing in the sunlight on a recent trip to the woods.


    1. Me too Laura, thank you. I was so happy the light came out as an outline around the budding leaves once I turned it into black and white. It is actually, in my opinion, so special in color too. I am doing a post tomorrow sharing both black and white and color images from this tree. I love them!

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