Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top


Photo By: Carrie

Photo By: Carrie

This is a rather significant climb up, especially for a just turned 4-year-old. The ground is tightly compact, doesn’t give when you step. So, instead you slip with each step forward. He eyed this hill the entire 24 hours we camped here. Our tent is just out of the frame at this hills base. As my husband was packing up the tent and last belongings into the car my son decided it was time to conquer this hill. Getting down was actually much more treacherous than climbing up.

A few of the remarkably impressive Trona Pinnacles are in the foreground.

**This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge from WordPress. You can find more “On Top” entries HERE.


    1. Thank you. I love capturing our shadows in a moment. It can be a really powerful memory maker. Yes, this was a great trip full of adventure and out-of-this world scenery.

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