You and Me

Photo By: Carrie

Photo By: Carrie

Your strong
Little hand
Rarely rests in
Your mind
On an adventure
Most of the time

You don’t
Like to hear me
You won’t
Say goodbye
To anyone

You and Me

Animal calls
From your heart
Tell me everything
Is alright
You leap with
Over puddles
On rocks
Your whole body
Tense and ready
Take flight

Your excitement
In the littlest thing
A bug
An acorn hat
A feather
A twig
Makes my heart
A beat
Remember to wonder right
Along with you

You and Me

You are
You are
You don’t apologize
I could
Endlessly stare
Into your eyes

There I find
A piece of
My soul
The piece
That I gave you
So I could
Be your mom

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