Wake Up


Photo By: Carrie

It is not
Not daylight
It is time
Wake up
The birds are singing
The sun is peaking
There are little footsteps
Coming up the stairs

The longer
You lay here
The more
To do
In less time

I know your bed
Is warm and if you pretend
A little longer
Those little feet
Won’t ask for everything

Give yourself
A minute
Don’t fall
Back asleep
Just a minute
Look out
Among the trees
Rest in the sunlight
Filtering through the leaves
Feel the stillness
In your head

Now it is time
For your feet
To touch the floor
To start
The day
Give thanks
Its time to play
Those sweet little feet
Just wandered into your bed


  1. Blissful words! Love the detail in the photograph. A sense of emerging came through for me and slowly moving forward. Enjoying your poetry so much.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I feel a slow forward motion, happy it comes through in my words. I took the photograph on a walk through our neighborhood. Those sweet little flowers are less than a 1/4 inch wide. It is a weed actually. Too pretty close up to resist photographing. I love how the image turned out. I am so happy you are enjoying yourself reading my words, that just makes my day.

      1. That’s incredible the flowers are so tiny and yet in the photo there is such detail! It’s funny what we call a weed, these are pretty! I got a lovely sense of movement in your words, there is a depth and a subtext you achieve. I’m thrilled I found your blog. Here’s to the next post! 😉

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