Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Chantry11 bw

Photo By: Carrie

I took this photograph while on a quest to feel tiny in the grand scheme of nature, a favorite way to spend my free time. This narrow and deeply winding road, patched with countless repairs is, lucky for me, five minutes from my home. All the roads leading in and around the San Gabriel Mountains are meticulously bordered by 1920’s handmade cobblestone guard rails, unless wiped away from a mass wasting event, common in these mountains.

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    1. Awe, thank you Miriam. I honestly can’t get enough time in nature. Tomorrows post will easily illustrate that sentiment 🙂 I appreciate your writing as well! So happy you were Freshly Pressed so I could find your lovely words.

  1. I like how there is a sepia tone to your photo. It brings out the mountains in the distance, and it looks lovely. It does seem very dangerous over the road’s edge, though 🙂

    1. Thank you Mabel, I like the sepia tone too. With all the different shading and huge relief it is the only way I could see to get the detail I was looking for. And yes, it is practically straight down on the other side of the guardrail. It is quite a road.

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