The Garden (Yellow)


Photo By: Carrie

More colors from my mother-in-laws potted garden. This time yellow ranunculus and nasturtiums. These ranunculus are exquisite, layer upon layer moving from brilliant yellow to a sage green center.


Photo By: Carrie


Photo By: Carrie

Some tight and just budding, others fully opened, fluffy and glowing from the evening sun.


Photo By: Carrie


Photo By: Carrie

Even more, in the middle, still unfolding from their tight core.


Photo By: Carrie

The nasturtiums glow tenderly from the inside out. Their green gorgeous leaves expanding with little doubt.


Photo By: Carrie


Photo By: Carrie

The yellow glow from the flowers and sun light suck me in with each click, where to photograph next.

Can’t get enough of “The Garden”, neither can I. This is part of a series of posts, you can find previous colors RED and ORANGE (HERE) along with a few poems inspired by these flowers.


    1. Thank you Julie, I will check it out. Challenges are fun, do you like black and white images? I have participated in a monochrome madness challenge the past couple weeks, I am loving that too. I can add the link here if you are interested.

      1. Sure. That would be great. I haven’t done black and white since I was a teenager (pre-digital cameras & iPhones.) It was fun and challenging (it was actually a challenge to figure out how to take the pics in black and white in the early 90’s!) lol

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