Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

The Sierra Nevada, Photo By: Carrie

A beautiful reflection
Of Mountains
Of Me
I could sit
Here for hours, days

Endlessly I could walk
Up one of these towers
Then turn around
Back down again
Enjoy the flowers

Never question why
I am here
Or wonder
What I am missing
From here, present

On my feet
My heart
The meadows blooming
The rivers rushing
Trail or no trail
Walking or still

I will
In these mountains, feel
I know you
Enjoy every breathtaking view, I do

Take you with me
Just close my eyes
I am there with you
Only a few clouds in the sky

We embrace
I miss you
It feels so sure
This is what reflections are for

This post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge. You can find more interpretations of Reflection HERE.


    1. Thank you, Moon. It is a magical place, full of quiet winds, soaring birds and a feeling of time standing still. I can’t wait to visit again this summer.

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