Sweet Wings

There you go
Flutter magically
Connected to a puppeteer
String tricks, a possibility
Floating wild
Connecting each flower
Silently whispering
Orange wings, black
Spots delicate
Details shimmer
Blur past
My eyes try
Focus and fail
Over and Over
Finally you rest
I hold a deep breath
A comfortable place, perhaps
An old favorite
Time stands
Still as a clock
Between seconds
No tipping into
Unknown expanse
No one flinch
Think out loud
You are so
Still as if
Painted decor
The moment
Never the same
Path always splendid
Do you want to play

We crossed
Paths the other day
I felt lucky
Did you, have you
Seen me before
Floating over
My head wondering
If I will ever look up
Instead, I carry on
Miss you
An opportunity
Without knowing
As you have perhaps
Come to expect
The other day
In plain sight
I couldn’t take myself away
Details, endless movements
You danced
Around my head, I laughed
You continued
To swirl
Too fast to keep up, I thought
You must be finished
Making me wonder
Would I see you later
Back again, ready to settle down
A smile
Thank you
Thank you, sweet wings
I appreciate your trust
Let’s play again soon

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