The Garden (Orange)

Photo By: Carrie

Even though I have taken photographs of flowers since I was initially gifted my first camera. I remember it well, a point and shoot, film, plastic mostly, it would make this “Twang!” sound each time I pressed the shutter release like a coiled spring was about to fail. A high school graduation present I was very thankful for. I have not learned the names of my subjects any more easily. So, as this series progresses I will need some help identifying the flowers that catch my eye, I am sure.

**Please remember to move your mouse over the images to see the full color of the photograph. If you would like a closer look simply click the image.

Photo By: Carrie

Photo By: Carrie

Nasturtiums, lovely, great color pallete, intricate details and the large green leaves offer a great background.

Photo By: Carrie

I did have to look this one up, Butterfly Weed.

Photo By: Carrie

Photo By: Carrie

These last three photographs offered above are all the same plant. There is such color variation due to the sunlight peeking its way through the clouds while I was in the middle of taking pictures. My mother-in-law’s garden is a beautiful spring escape. More colors still to come.

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    1. Thank you! I really couldn’t include one without the other. I really appreciate the platform you offer to fellow bloggers. Thank you for the opportunities and for stopping by.

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