The Garden (Red)

Photo By: Carrie

All of these photographs are from one tightly packed, ceramic pot of red Ranunculuses located within the wild and colorful potted flower garden my mother-in-law tends.

Photo By: Carrie

Photo By: Carrie

Her potted garden surrounds the outer edge of the deck directly off the front of her home.

Photo By: Carrie

Each plantĀ  is thoughtfully potted in unique, intriguing pots, all with a story to tell.

Photo By: Carrie

This is the first in what will eventually be a series (The Garden) of posts. I love the intricate details of flowers. I have taken close up photographs of flowers for so many years. Just recently, I actually managed to capture the true detail of the flowers I was photographing, as if they were coming to life. This has inspired me to post photographs of these lovely flowers. The first few posts will be from my mother-in-laws garden but later there will be flowers from my neighborhood, local mountains, meadows and arboretums.


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