Five Minutes

Photo By: Carrie

I know
They are here, they
Can’t be
Too far

I knew
Where they were
I could have sworn

I usually
Keep better track, find
Them easily, collect
A few here and there
Hold tight
To the numbers
They never let me down, today

My grip is lose, dreamy
Thoughts cluttering
My usually tidy mind
Adding moisture
To the line, clouding
How strapped, I am
For time

It feels so good
To have a couple of toes over
The line

To relax
In a moment
Eat a little later, enjoy
Books a little longer, write
Until there are no more
Words flowing

The morning
Another story, I am not ready
For it all to start
The pressure
So many minutes, keeping
The flow
Of it all on par

A deep breath, just
One more
My feet must
Head to the floor

These precious minutes
Spent either way, challenge
As I see it, recognizing when
In the midst of it all, I choose
To collect minutes
No matter what, Feeding

The result
On time
In bed
Food on the table
Homework done
To school
Wake up

Is this real, more

Time to laugh
Clean up again and again
One more story
One more song
A hug in the middle of the sidewalk
Just because
Dance party
Sharing chores
Reminding us to look up

Each one taking
A minute, at least
Longer than expected
Which is okay, it is

As long as I am not rushing
The rest of the day, trying
To make up that minute
The minute is already spent, no need

To find more, lost time
They are now used up
What they are here for


  1. Your photographs are intriguing and your words fluid and thoughtful. I enjoyed the time I spent on your blog this morning. Thank you for connecting with me.

    1. Awe! You just made my morning. Thank you. I love taking photographs and learn new ways to see what is right in front of me every time I use my camera. I so appreciate you taking some time to read and commenting, it means a lot. Really looking forward to following your writings too!

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