Rain Anticipation

Photo By: Carrie

I once lived where rain was as reliable as the sunrise

The soft splat

Chorus of drums

Even drips

A natural orchestra conducting itself on my rooftop

Now, I live where the sun outshines everything

There is drought

The mountains so parched

The trees are wondering –Did someone forget about us

Finally, the clouds are forming

I can actually smell moisture in the air

Inches predicted in the span of hours

Crossing my fingers our roof will hold (30+ years old)

No mud will flow

The sweet anticipation of the first drops

How much

How fast

How long will these two storms last

I love grey skies

Like a break from the frenzy

I can bake

I can nap

I can see without squinting

Anticipating an ease to life

To sit in my warm house

Make homemade play-dough for my boys

Take in the background sounds

All the drips


Subtle changes in frequency

Washing away the dust

The grime

The layers so easily

I am ready

Bring it on

I unpacked my Extra Tuffs, Raincoat too

It is time for a fresh start

Time to renew

Remember what freshness smells like

And remind my boys what windshield wipers actually do.


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