Lighten Her Load.

Photo Credit: Carrie

This friend is in need

Of a break

Beyond any break just one who cares can give

But, with many thoughts in her direction, offering







Even guidance

Maybe then her load will lighten

All these absurd possibilities laid neatly before her

Will unfold easily, brilliantly

Not as presented

But as she has so bravely depended

Her heart is ready


Longing for freedom

From the past

Holding hands of her children proudly, walking together, a family

She has had enough, enough

For this lifetime and beyond

It is time to offer her

Her vision

Her dream

Joy and a clear path to freedom.


    1. Thank you Christine! I am finding that writing from my heart is so freeing 🙂 I just wrote another one, ready for next week, with the slow down theme. Looking forward to seeing if it has the same affect on you. My dear friend is in quite the battle, for her kids, for herself, for the life she is making the best of in really difficult circumstances. I couldn’t think of how to “help” her, these words came easily.

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