Click to get on the trail. Photo By: Carrie

It cuts through a wild place

Ready for travel

Towering trees cheering

With each step, each new breeze.

Some are flat

Some are winding

Some switchback and climb

Others make your knees feel like they are going to explode.

No matter the type

The view

A trail, is a trail

Offering an adventure

As it pushes on, out of view.

It is amazing to me

How something nearly 24 inches wide

Can quickly become my home

My best friend

My worst fight.

When I am walking

One foot, then the other

With a trail at my feet

There is absolutely no question

Where I am going

What is my purpose

What I am leaving behind.

I easily look around

I feel the slight breeze on my face

Hear the birds

Embrace the pace

Dream about my favorite snack.

It is simple



And so much more.

To know where you are.

Who you are.

Ahh yes, lets walk some more.


    1. I love this, that is just how I will think of myself as I walk on a trail today! And, I love walking with you. We will do it again very soon.

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