A perfect square

Comes in every color variation of a rainbow

The pre-twitter message delivery

Endless possibilities

A simple note

An important date

A reminder too bright to ignore

A chance to rekindle something lost

My son asked if I had a use for these post-its he just found

With a nod and a smile

They are yours, use them wisely

His thoughts blasting off in his head

Now with a place to easily land

“I love you Mom”


“I like blue jays”

“You are the best”

A drawing of a shark

“You are the best singer”

All these messages land in front of me

In the span of 5 minutes

We all need an opportunity

The ability

To have our thoughts heard

All these beautiful, emotional pieces

I would never have known

He doesn’t speak like this

Instead when his head is full

He stews, stomps, groans, slams, pushes, cries, whines, moans

Anything but spoken words

He is comfortable offering his emotions, ideas

On a simple post-it note

I had no idea, the ease with which, he would share his honest messages

My boy

He hands me his heart

I read and take it in, hold him, his messages close


Marvel at all of him and open to the deeper understanding

How good, true, it feels to have your voice heard.

*This weeks writing challenge, to write about an “object”. Please check out all the entries HERE. (scroll to the bottom of the post)


  1. That was so very sweet and powerful. You are allowing him to be himself and think outside of the box and in turn, he is breaking through those walls and sharing his thoughts with you. LOVE!!!

    1. It was so unexpected actually. It wasn’t like I said, “here is a stack of post-it’s write those feelings here.” I did just let him write and write through the entire stack once he found them in the back of a drawer. Which always kills me to see such waste. In this case, I wouldn’t call it waste. His messages are so sweet and I was so relieved to see that even in his growling moments there is love and even innocent drawings bubbling at the surface. I just only see the growls unless he writes. Powerful indeed.

  2. Oh what a lovely post 🙂 I love little hand-written surprises – we ran out of post-its a long time ago and now take to the back of a junk-mail envelope or the corner of a paper towel but still…it’s the thought that counts 🙂

    1. Thank you! It’s funny, I can never find even a back of an old envelope to write a grocery list on. I totally forgot these were in a back drawer from the dollar store. Once my boys get a hold of these, they are used up in the span of 30 minutes. It’s a quiet 30 minutes though, so I’ll take it. 🙂

      1. A whole 30 minutes? I’ve gotta get me some of these 😉 have you seen all the funny shaped ones that are around now? They’re (sadly) a little more than a dollar though :/

      2. Yes, maybe I need to start collecting! Always need to keep a bit ahead of my boys (or at least try!). New shapes, new colors, only a nod, no suggestion and then they run in a beautiful direction!

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