Solo Road Trip


The gas tank is full

Only me in this car

Driving 365 miles down the road

Have I ever driven this far?


Songs blaring

Sun blazing

Cactus blurred

Mountains slowly moving from the windshield to the rear view mirror

Wildflowers dancing in the breeze

So many “out-of-state’ers” on the road with me

Leaving behind a unique circumstance

The family I grew up with all together

As one.

No outsiders, spouses, children

Just a lot of beautiful reminders

Of where I have been

What filled my heart as I was growing up.

Driving toward my grown up life

With a renewed sense

Everything, I, am alright.

It feels so good to know

On each end of this road

I have family who loves me so

And are waiting, wanting me to

Drive safely

Arrive with fewer thoughts taking over my mind.

As each new song beats on

Their words and tune a perfect blend

With the scenery, with the moment

Giving me great company on this

My longest yet

Solo road trip.



      1. Yep, I had to do something in the long stretches to keep me awake. So, I took some photographs while on the road. I usually write something with my photo challenge post. This time I felt like it was a significant enough trip the photos and words deserved to stand on their own.
        Thanks for noticing and commenting!

  1. Love it! I felt the SAME way flying home today! What a GREAT trip! Many soul searching moments! Our drive out there was GREAT! Sister time was my favorite! Listening to your stories, your words uninterrupted! One I will NEVER forget! Thank you for the experiences 🙂 miss you already!

    1. It really was “a moment” I won’t forget. I wondered if I could stay awake that long, and I did. Plus, it just felt great to be solo.

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