Bird Calls.


To busy, life whizzing by, talking to myself

Hearing “hurry up” too many times in one day from my mouth

Looking at my boys growing up

From my rear-view mirror

Feeling the need to “zone out”

Its time to get out

Out in the woods

I hear the birds

They are sweetly calling my name

Not in a judging, condescending, demeaning way

They sweetly call, again, then again

Knowing sooner, not later

I will look up and smile again.

The push to do and then do more

It comes from every aspect of life

Yet, the less scheduled, less required, less structured my day

I stand firm

I visit the birds

I see my boys beautiful faces

I look in their eyes with wonder and grace

Then I turn my attention to me

In the same way

My sweet essence says thank you

And then it is so easy to see

I see everything in full color, I am patient, I am kind, when I give myself the gift of being present in this life.



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