A Silent Hunt.


I long for the quiet I once knew, took for granted, perhaps misunderstood

Snow quiet.

Is there anything more quiet than just after the snow falls?

Maybe outer space.

I would hold my breath as long as I could just to feel the vastness until I had to let go

And take a breath.

Not every time it was there, calling me

For this I have regrets.

Now I always hear something breaking that sweet spot of desolate silence.

A dog.



An argument (conversation)

An airplane.


The warm Santa Ana Winds.

My boys endless outpouring of thoughts.

The distractions are endless.

I live in a geographically different place.

Even in winter, it is still so loud, no lull in activity, no hibernation

No one but me, longing for quiet.

But, I feel the pull, the need, the desire

To sit still and embrace the quiet.

It now takes so much more effort to find it

To hunt it down

Walk so far off the path and even then I am still disappointed.

At least I remember, I know what it is.

That doesn’t stop the longing

The knowing

I am ready, so ready to get swallowed up in the beautiful silence.

**This weeks Weekly Writing Challenge focuses on silence, read more interpretations here.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am happy you enjoyed reading it. I feel like I am in a meditative state when I write, I am glad it is coming through in this!

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